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Ballpoint Pen Stealth Pipe Review

This stealth ballpoint pen pipe is designed to save the day, keeping you prepared to make your mark among the true weed warrior’s inner circle. Being properly equipped is the first rule of any devoted weed warrior. Your stealth ballpoint pen pipe blends in with your traditional academic tools, keeping your personal pot smoking agenda underground and out of sight from the unworthy.

NOTE: Remember not to let the teacher borrow your ballpoint pen pipe, accidentally! This most excellently designed pen pipe is perfect for daily one hitting and for fast smoke breaks. You’ll be sure never to leave this beauty behind. It’s easy to use by twisting off the top piece, pop out the functional eraser and pack your bowl!

This stealth ballpoint pen pipe is hard to find, that’s why we featured it here for you, grab a hand full while supplies last. This really looks like a real pen, and is sure to surprise your friends when you whip it out for a quick toke. This pen pipe has a straight, smooth bore chilam and is as portable and easy to use as they can get a stealth pipe to be.

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