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Medical Marijuana Ashtray Review

Every medical marijuana patient needs an ashtray at sometime in their life. Now the politically correct ashtray is here!

With its green, yellow, and red colors, the Medical Marijuana Ashtray is a standout piece you must include on your coffee table.  Along with its wonderful colors, it has a marijuana leaf on top of a red medical cross on the base of the ashtray.  Like Keebler cookies, these ashtrays are amazing and might be made by little (medical marijuana patient) elves that live in a tree.  Also, we at’s review panel assume these ashtrays are made of durable materials (and with medical marijuana empowerment) which should produce an ashtray that is sure to last.

Hide no more!  Let everyone of your Arizona house guests know your pride and passion for Arizona medical marijuana with the addition of the Medical Marijuana Ashtray on your coffee table.  Purchase a medical marijuana ashtray at

For more info about medical marijuana products, joints, blunts, bongs, and more, visit’s review section.

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