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The Effects from Marijuana

Marijuana’s Effects on Humans

Marijuana has two main strains, indica and sativa. Both strains provide unique effects to the mind and body.

Indicas are commonly known as an evening time strain. They usually help to relax the mind and body, increase appetite and help ease chronic pain and anxiety.

Sativas are commonly known as an uplifting daytime strain and are energizing to the mind. They usually provide increased focus and can help fight depression.

Hybrid strains provide a combination of indica and sativa effects. A hybrid’s effects will depend on the specific strains that were cross-bred to create the hybrid. For instance, a hybrid can be uplifting like a sativa and have a stronger body “high” like an indica.

Hybrids are very popular at dispensaries because of the many possible combinations of effects provided. Through trial and error, a person can usually find a hybrid that is a perfect match to suit their needs.

THC and CBD also play a part in the effects from marijuana. They will be discussed next.

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