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4 Marijuana Gadgets for the Avid Dabber


As marijuana concentrates become more popular, dabbing-related technology is improving, making dabbing easier and safer. These featured tech gadgets will certainly enhance your dabbing experience.

The Trendy Thermochromatic Bucket for Dabbing

Do you know when your nail is hot enough to apply the dab? Typically, you just wait until the torch has heated it to a bright glowing red. Now, there’s a high-tech thermochromatic bucket by Whitney Harmon to help you make sure that your setup is hot enough.

This is an expensive gadget, retailing at $250, but lasts for years.

When the quartz in the bucket is red, it’s ready to go. Orange lets you know it’s almost ready and yellow quartz indicates that it is cool and ready to be touched by hand without injury.

These are made in a standard 14mm fitting with a 90-degree bend, but the company does accept custom orders if you need a specific size. You also have the option of choosing a male or female fitting.

The Portable Torch by Yocan

Want to dab but only have a water pipe with you? The Yocan Portable Torch doubles as a portable enail to make your water pipe a dab rig. It has three different fittings available from 10mm to 18mm.

The adapter can be turned over to fit male or female downstems too. A variety of coils can be interchanged to determine the best temperature for your dabbing needs. Coils are available in quartz or ceramic. This portable torch retails for $63.50.

An added bonus of this product is that it can be used for vaping should your vape pen battery die. The coil will heat for 15-seconds per hit/puff and lasts for about 45 puffs/hits.

The Multi-Tool

How many different tools do you have for your marijuana consumption needs? You probably have a scraper, cutter, scissors, a clip and a spoon. Keeping track of all of these items can be a real headache – especially if you need to dab quickly to alleviate symptoms of a health condition.

Replace all of these tools with a handy Nuggy multi-tool made by Nug Tools. It’s 10 tools in one, including a little flashlight and a bottle opener to quench your thirst after partaking. It costs $33 with free shipping.

The Portable Dab Rig

Take your rig with you anywhere. Most rigs are larger, delicate and don’t transport well. Vuber has developed a portable dab rig with several temperature settings. The battery will need to be recharged after 10 to 15 uses.

For beginners, this is an ideal device since it’s easy to use. You have the option of choosing three different material types for the nail – titanium, ceramic or quartz. An updated version of the portable dabber is expected soon and will feature a convenient carrying case and a removable head.

The cost of this self-contained, portable dab rig is $110.

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