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8 Crazy Marijuana Strain Names You Ought to Know

Marijuana Strain Names

The vast history of human marijuana consumption and an emerging U.S. marijuana industry have brought about an incredible array of crazy marijuana strain names. Cultivators are producing new strains around the clock, and finding the right name for a new strain requires some creativity.

Some strain names really hit the nail on the head while others appear to miss the mark by miles; either way, these crazy strain names are always something to giggle about with friends.

Many marijuana strains are named after people, places, tastes or effects, but there’s an ever-growing number of unusually named strains that will make you scratch your head and laugh. Here are eight crazy marijuana strain names that you ought to know:

1. Pineapple Dog Shit (Hybrid)

2. Buddy Fucker (Hybrid)

3. Fucking Incredible (Indica)

4. T.I.T.S. # 1 (Hybrid)

5. Romping Goddess (Hybrid)

6. Alaskan Thunderfuck (Sativa)

7. Super Cat Piss (Sativa)

8. XXX OG (Indica)

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