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Brain Scan That Recommends People’s Ideal Marijuana Strain

Marijuana Brain Scan Potbot

A simple brain scan, using electroencephalogram (EEG) technology can help medical marijuana patients to know what strains will be the most beneficial for their medical conditions.

PotBotics, founded in 2014 by David and Baruch Goldstein, has developed technology using two tools called BrainBot and PotBot, according to reports at NY Daily News.

BrainBot collects data from a wireless EEG (electroencephalography) helmet and is delivered to PotBot which provides marijuana strain and cannabinoid recommendations based upon the data. BrainBot measures brain reactions to varying levels of cannabinoids. PotBot determines what strain has the ideal combination of cannabinoids for a patient’s specific needs.

The process requires multiple visits. David Goldstein expands on the need for multiple visits by saying, “Usually it takes between three and four visits to get the range that is best for a patient. You can give only one medicinal dose to a patient in one setting.”

No actual marijuana smoking takes place during testing. A non-combustion inhaler system using concentrates is implemented.

PotBotics states that, “We see the future of cannabis as being not what strain is best for you but what cannabinoids are best for you.”

By May 2016, devices will be available for commercial use in doctor offices. The company says that devices for home use are expected to be available by the end of 2016. California is the targeted market with plans to expand to New York and other states in the near future.

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