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CO Bill Proposes Special Labeling for Pesticide-Free Marijuana

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Organic marijuana is uncommon given that no laws force marijuana to be grown organically and demand for it is still low. But Democratic lawmakers in Colorado have introduced HB16-1079, a bill that would allow for marijuana growers in Colorado using organic or pesticide-free growing practices to label their products as such.

Head of cultivation at The Farm in Boulder, Devin Liles, tells The Denver Post that, “As (the bill) is written, it runs the risk of perpetuating the common misconception that organic is synonymous with pesticide-free. There are organic pesticides that are comprised of essential oils that are perfectly safe to use, not necessarily in (marijuana) flower development.”

It was reported in September 2015, that an investigation was underway regarding some marijuana products being listed as organic, according to the Colorado Attorney General’s office. Much of the concern lies with consumer confusion regarding the difference between organic and pesticide-free growing processes.

Should HB16-1079 be passed, marijuana businesses would be required to include special labeling on products certifying pesticide-free status. The labeling would have to be visible on each package. Simple signage within the business would not be sufficient.

Liles also says that, “I’m all for a certification that ensures to consumers that the final product they’ve purchased truly is pesticide-free.”

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