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Florida Approves 5 Medical Marijuana Cultivators

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The Florida Department of Health has officially nominated five cultivators that will be allowed to produce and dispense a non-psychoactive (low-THC/high-CBD) form of marijuana for medicinal use.

Floridians have patiently waited for lawmakers to implement the 2014 voter-approved bill. The Low-THC Medical Marijuana Law bill will allow for the cultivation, extraction, and distribution of low-THC marijuana concentrates that are high in cannabidiol, or CBD.

The Florida medical marijuana cultivators are spread out amongst the state’s five regions:

Costa Nursery Farms – Southeast Region
Alpha Foliage – Southwest Region
Knox Nursery – Central Region
Hackney Nursery – Northwest Region
Chestnut Hill Tree Farm – Northeast Region

Florida’s medical marijuana law was supposed to become effective in January, but the deadline was changed due to lawsuits and a judge’s evaluation that rejected the Department of Health’s initial attempt at implementing the new law.


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