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Marijuana Eases Headaches and Migraines “by Nearly 50%”


A phone app in Canada surveyed nearly 2,000 medical marijuana users regarding the plant’s ability to relieve headaches and migraines.

 “We found that self-reported headache and migraine severity were reduced by nearly 50% from before to after cannabis use,” Carrie Cuttle told The Chicago Tribune. “It could be one of the other 100-plus phytocannabinoids in the cannabis plant – there is simply not enough research on these other constituents to know right now.”

“We didn’t find any evidence that higher doses were more, or less, effective than lower doses, which might suggest that micro-dosing could be sufficient for some people,” Cuttle said.

Paul Armentano of NORML agrees with the findings of Cuttler’s study, while noting that previous studies have had similar results.

Armentano said, “The findings of this study are consistent with several previous studies, as well as with the historical literature as cannabis possesses a long history of human use in migraine treatment.”

The findings of Cuttler’s study were published in the Journal of Pain.

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