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Nevada Dispensaries Accept Out-of-State Marijuana Cards

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Thanks to Nevada’s liberal medical marijuana reciprocity law, visiting medical marijuana patients can purchase marijuana from Nevada dispensaries.

“Giving patients the ability to legally access medical marijuana when they are visiting a legal medical state just makes sense,” said deputy director of the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA), a trade group for legal marijuana businesses. “And it makes even more sense when you’re talking about a state that has such a huge number of out-of-state visitors. It’s safer for patients and good for Nevada businesses — win-win.”

The Nevada medical marijuana reciprocity law is ideal for the state’s tourism and its tax income because it essentially opens the state’s medical marijuana market up to all medical marijuana patients in the United States – all while helping to further itself as America’s adult playground.

“When you consider that Nevada has fewer than 7,000 medical marijuana patients, it’s not a very large base. But when you factor in MMJ patients from other states who might take advantage of Nevada’s system — another 110,000 from Colorado, 570,000 from California and 100,000 from Washington — suddenly those numbers are looking a lot better,” The Cannabist noted.

Nevada residents will be voting in November 2016 to regulate the retail sale and production of marijuana for adults. The Initiative to Tax and Regulate Marijuana obtained over 200,000 signatures from registered Nevada voters which qualified it for the ballot. If it is voted into law, Nevada would allow adults to possess and grow marijuana (up to one ounce and/or six plants) for personal use. The measure would also regulate and tax the retail sale and commercial production of marijuana.


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