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New Study Shows 52% of Americans Support Legalization

Marijuana Legalization Support

A new study conducted in December 2015 shows that 52-percent of Americans now support marijuana legalization. This number is up 4-percent from a similar study from March. All age groups, except the 65+ age group, show more than 50-percent support, according to YouGov.

Simple breakdown of support percentage by age group:

  • 18 – 29 is 56%
  • 30 – 44 is 54%
  • 45 – 64 is 56%
  • 65+ is 39%

The numbers can be further broken down by political party. Only 36-percent of Republicans support legalization. This differs from the Democratic Party, which shows 66-percent support. In terms of liberals, 51-percent support legalization.

When researching the cost of marijuana enforcement, 86-percent of those surveyed agree that enforcing marijuana laws costs more than its worth. Even those that are not in support of legalization agree, by 42-percent, that the cost to enforce marijuana laws is not worth the cost.

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