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Some Marijuana Companies Allow Marijuana Office Breaks

Marijuana Office Break

Flowhub, a marijuana tech company that provides seed-to-sale software for marijuana dispensaries, allows marijuana breaks during working hours. Kyle Sherman, a co-founder of Flowhub, says that marijuana use at work has proven to improve productivity for the tech company.

Employees are allowed to use marijuana-infused edibles and vaporizers to their office. Flowhub is not the only business in Colorado that allows marijuana consumption at work. MassRoots and High There!, both marijuana-related apps, also allow the consumption of edibles during work hours.

MassRoots founder, Isaac Dietrich says, “I thought up MassRoots when I was smoking weed in my college friend’s apartment. Our general philosophy is that we need to be as productive and creative as possible, every day. If cannabis facilitates that, then we’re allowing it.”

High There! co-founder, Darren Roberts also allows marijuana use on company time as he states, “It has led us to breakthrough moments for our business. So yes, it’s been very effective for us.”

Both co-founders of Flowhub use marijuana products while working, usually toward the end of the day and during creative meetings, according to Fox 13 News.

Sherman says that, “Our philosophy at Flowhub is to get s*** done. If it helps our employees get work done, then we don’t care if they consume at work.” He goes on further by saying, “It definitely surfaces new ideas and a fresh take on things.”

Sherman reports no issues with client satisfaction or productivity from employing marijuana consumers.

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