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Poll: Americans Say Marijuana and Vaping Less Harmful Than Tobacco


A recent Gallup poll found that Americans believe vaping marijuana is less harmful than vaping tobacco. The use of cigarettes, chew, and cigars are all thought to be more harmful than marijuana.

82% of Americans say that smoking cigarettes is very harmful, according to Gallup. 71% said that tobacco chew is very harmful. Cigars came in third at 56% and use of a tobacco pipe was fourth at 52%. Vaping tobacco was just above marijuana on the list at 38%, but marijuana was ranked the least harmful at only 27%.

This is the first time that Gallup has conducted a poll regarding public opinion on the harmfulness of the use of these products. Discussing the frequency of use of these products, 5% said they use marijuana regularly and 8% are just occasional users. Tobacco products are still used much more frequently than marijuana products, according to the poll.

Americans are consuming less tobacco and also showing increasing support for marijuana legalization. It’s estimated that marijuana users may soon outnumber tobacco users nationally.

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Photos: Pax Labs; Gallup

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