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Study: Mangos Can Enhance Marijuana High

Mangos Marijuana

Myrcene, a terpene in mangos, – which can also be found in marijuana, parsley, thyme, hops and white wines like Riesling or Moscoto – has been found to enhance the “high” from marijuana.

Terpenes are a diverse class of organic compounds produced by a variety of plants and are building blocks within nearly every living creature. Terpenes can be responsible for anything from a plant’s aroma to nutritional value. Marijuana contains numerous terpenes, and each marijuana strain has its own unique terpene profile which provides specific aromas and medicinal benefits such as pain or anxiety relief.

One study has found that consuming a mango about 60 mintues before smoking marijuana can increase the intensity of the “high” provided by marijuana.

In another study, Texas A&M found that mangos are effective in preventing and stopping certain colon and breast cancer cells from developing.


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