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The 7 Most Outlandish State Medical Marijuana Laws

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Legislators don’t always make sound decisions, especially when they’re making new drug laws. Below are some truly bizarre marijuana laws found throughout the U.S.


Arizona has about 100 state-licensed medical marijuana dispensaries. But due to a crazy law, the state’s regulatory agency cannot legally display the state’s dispensaries for the general public to see. So, patients are only provided with a list of the currently-operating dispensaries when they receive their medical marijuana card, or upon special request.


Connecticut lawmakers decided they didn’t want medical marijuana dispensaries to have lighted signs. But it’s okay for other businesses to have them.


Delaware only allows medical marijuana dispensaries to advertise in phone books and directories.


Massachusetts really does take the fun out of showing support for marijuana. No t-shirts, promotional materials or novelty items of any kind are permitted to be made or sold at any medical marijuana dispensaries in Massachusetts.


In Maine, marijuana edibles are considered to be a food item, so consumers have to pay an additional 7% meal tax on top of the marijuana sales tax.


In Nevada, dispensaries are only permitted to use two fonts on signage. Yes, it’s odd, but they also prefer that dispensary owners use sans serif fonts on their signage to ensure that they are legible.


Marijuana dispensaries in Oregon are strictly limited on their signage. Only the Times New Roman font in size 80 is allowed. No other fonts are permitted.


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