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The Banana Kush Marijuana Review

AZ Dispensary Delivery Banana Kush MarijuanaThis Banana Kush by AZ Dispensary Delivery was excellent. It is perfect combination of clear-mindedness while simultaneously feeling really high. It helps make you feel motivated without any couch lock effects. The physical high was really nice as well. It was very similar to a good Bubba Kush. Not too intense, but perfect for pain and sleep.

The Banana Kush Marijuana Strain is 60% Indica and 40% Sativa. It is a mix of Sensi Seeds Banana x OG Kush and has become very popular in California, especially Southern Cali.

Banana Kush requires constant attention when growing. It is known to thrive indoors as well as outdoors, but it matures much better in an indoor growing environment. When growing outdoors, this plant is known to grow up to an astonishing 16 feet tall.



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