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Skywalker OG Marijuana Strain

Patient Provider Delivery Skywalker OG Kush MarijuanaWe just got some Skywalker OG Kush that was super strong. Not only in potency, but also in smell and taste. This is the type of bud that even if you double wrap it in zip-lock bags and seal it in a air-tight container it will still stink up the room. (Which we don’t necessarily consider a bad thing.)

If you like extremely potent indica strains you will love the Skywalker OG. Because of it’s high potency (well over 20% THC) this marijuana strain is a great pain reliever for such conditions as cancer, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease and other serious conditions. It also will put you to sleep, no prob.

Skywalker OG Marijuana is an indica-dominant hybrid from Nature’s Natural Collective Care in Reseda and it has developed an outstanding reputation for potency in California and now in other medical marijuana states. And some guys in Arizona have access to some of the best-grown nugs of Skywalker OG that I have ever seen. The buds are almost too good looking to break apart.



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