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LA Confidential Marijuana Review

laconfidential-azmedicalbudThis LA Confidential marijuana we got from AZ Medical Bud/ Budman. It was an instant hit with our testers. No pun intended…

LA Confidential is very well known in the marijuana industry. It is a pure Afghani Indica produced by the DNA Genetics cannabis seed company and is known to deliver a heavy Kush-style high. AZ Medical Bud’s LA Confidential definitely lives up to expectations. Some patients describe it as dreamy and a little psychedelic. We found that it was nice and relaxing, but not too sleepy. Don’t plan on doing anything too active after smoking it. LA Confidential is definitely a sit-back-and-enjoy-life-type of smoke.

The LA Confidential marijuana strain has won multiple awards at the High Times Cannabis Cup for Best Indica Marijuana Strain and it took 1st place in the International Cannagraphics Cup for Best Indica in 2005.

LA Confidential can be grown indoors or outdoors and is fairly easy for even a novice to grow. It stays small, so it can be good for growers with limited space. LA Confidential forms popcorn-like buds that taste a bit spicy and foresty (is that a word?)


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