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Medical marijuana edibles are always a welcome friend. For some people, smoking is not a convenient way to medicate. Whether you are trying to avoid detection (marijuana odor attracts unwanted attention in many places) – edibles are a great way to keep your medical condition at bay. However, be very careful. Always know your limits and how much is too much when consuming edibles.

Edibles can be found in cookies, brownies and for the most part; any recipe that uses butter. Most 420 recipes use “Cannabutter” and ultimately this is the active ingredient. Long gone are the days of grinding weed and mixing into the batch of brownies, Cannabis cooking is a booming trend; especially if you know what you are doing in the kitchen.

Recently, 420 Patients, offered some home made hard candies infused with Cannabis. I have always found lollipops, candies, or anything that is ‘suckable’ is best for my personal edible needs. I can suck and suck and suck the candy and when I’m good – I can just wrap it back up and save for later. Some products have a low shelf life or will spoil over time. Hard candy lasts forever.

Anyways, the various candies given to our staff helped us gain new insight into a new product only available from 420 Patients.

These candies are available in a majority of flavors and 3 per bag.
Each bag accepts donations for around $20.
3 candies is about the equivalent of a good sized joint I’d say. just taking 1 won’t do too much but all three and your good.
I typically like to take 1 piece of candy every now and then – they make the perfect ‘compliment’ to a smoking session, kind of like a little hash. If you ever peak or plateau and just cant seem to get high enough, take a candy – you’ll thank us later.

The candy is really tasty too – guessing they are not sugar free 🙂 but available in about 4 or 5 flavors; Strawberry is best.
Wholesale options are also available, so please ask if interested in donating for bulk amounts of candy.

Candies can be found at most Arizona dispensaries.

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