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How to Get an Arizona Medical Marijuana License

I am constantly receiving phone calls from curious Arizona residents as far as Maricopa city to Flagstaff to Tucson to Phoenix all wondering the same thing. How do I get an Arizona Medical Marijuana License, or How Can I Obtain a Prescription for Medical Marijuana in AZ? I was surprised to think there are a few people left pondering how to get a License and I was honored they choose to ask me.


In lieu of these questions, I also considered that there are a number of websites and information on the web that are offering bad intel or just plain wrong medical marijuana garbage with an emphasis to profit off the unknowing. So I took the time to quickly write out a short little article and hopefully help a few residents of Arizona to learn how to get a License for Medical Marijuana License in Arizona. And yes, I have a medical marijuana card in Arizona. Follow this advice, and you can too.

Please be advised obtaining and possessing Marijuana for medical reasons in Arizona is currently LEGAL if you have followed the rules listed below.

As released, the way in which the Arizona Health Department wants residents to obtain a card is pretty straight forward.

Step 1) visit with a Medical Marijuana Doctor in your local city and ask for an “evaluation.” Having an evaluation does not mean you are automatically going to receive a ‘recommendation’ or prescription for medical marijuana. Remember, these are doctors that took an oath to “do no harm,” they are not drug-dealers. Evaluations are not covered by your insurance as I am aware but email me if you know otherwise (dank at

What is Medical Marijuana used for in Arizona? View Qualifications
In order for a doctor in Arizona to prescribe marijuana, you must have a pre-existing qualifying issue. From Cancer to Chronic Pain; if you have any “Qualifying Condition,” you are pre-qualified to see a doctor.

Find Trusted Arizona Medical Marijuana Doctors

Also, trying to fulfill a recommendation using false information is considered illegal. Just as if you tried to get a prescription for hydrocodone with fictitious information is something doctors will not tolerate and may result in problems for you. So don’t play games with your doctor, respect them and stay true to your needs as a patient. These evaluations can cost anywhere from $99-$200 depending on where you go.

Step 2) after receiving a prescription/evaluation from your doctor, it is not a one-way ticket to a dispensary or caregiver. Your evaluation paperwork needs to be sent to the state of Arizona health Department via their website ONLY. You cannot visit the Health Department to obtain your license. It is processed online and most doctors will help you with this process for a few extra bucks. After verification you will receive a Medical Marijuana License in the mail (2-3 weeks max wait). This evaluation is an additional $150 each year due to the state of Arizona Health Department. Most 420 friendly doctors offices wil help you with this process, just ask. The state requires a number of things to submit online for a medical marijuana card (picture, address, recommendation, etc.).

Step 3) After you get an Arizona Medical Marijuana License or Card, you are automatically inserted into a database of patients throughout the state that is accessible by local law enforcement. This will help with run-ins with the law and can easily avoid any doubt if you are a patient or not. The Medical Marijuana Arizona License is then able to be presented to any dispensary or caregiver for the purchase/donation of marijuana for medicinal use. I already know what you’re next question is, where are the dispensaries? Remember, we wont be able to apply for a dispensary license or even caregiver status until June 1 2011. By my count, it will take 60-90 days longer for a dispensary to receive approval or not and at the moment we are able to plant seeds which means the first available harvest won’t be until end of summer I guess.

So, hopefully this helps give you more insight on how to get a medical marijuana license in Arizona. If you have questions or comments, please email us.



In November 2010, Arizona voters cast their ballot for a “Proposition” to give access to Medical Marijuana for those in need. The proposition was just that, an idea, a loose fitting recommendation for state officials to write into law. It was mid-November before the ballots were tallied up and the pro’s won the election; Medical Marijuana will be available to those that qualify for a License. However, the Arizona Department of Health Services lead by Director Will Humble were charged with making this a law and filling in all the gaps of the “proposition.” The AZDHS have until mid-April 2011 to completely finish a well-written law that is bipartisan and fair. They are in charge of figuring out the qualifications for those interested in opening a dispensary, or becoming a caregiver and even the requirements for patients. Currently, the law has only been released as a draft. Arizona residents were given a sneak peak at what Health Department is thinking and will release 2 more drafts before April. Each release will also offer residents the opportunity to comment on what’s been written and their level of approval. Please voice your opinion and help the AZDHS tighten up the law, just visit their website ( and look for the ‘comment on the draft’ section. Empower yourselves to deliver this law with fairness.

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