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When will Dispensaries Open?

“Where are the Arizona Medical Marijuana Dispensaries at?”

Currently, there are no dispensaries. The marijuana dispensary program in Arizona was stalled until recently. You probably won’t see any dispensaries until Fall and even then, many won’t be fully stocked with medicine until late in the year.

Check out the recent medical marijuana news to keep up to date on the progress of the marijuana dispensaries.

“So, How do I get medicine, now?”

A patients next best means of finding Marijuana between now and when the dispensaries open is to find a medical marijuana caregiver. Caregivers can cultivate marijuana for up to 5 marijuana patients. By law, a Caregiver must work off of donations. The amount of the donation is not determined by law but will probably be decided upon between the caregiver and patient.

Patients can also get marijuana for other marijuana patients or caregivers that have extra medicine. Some of these care-holders are even nice enough to deliver marijuana to other patients. Check out the Arizona marijuana delivery directory to find a delivery service in your area.

So, it would seem nothing changes, because regardless of how you have to ask for it, or pay for it, as a patient you can legally live pain-free while not breaking the law. Just use the word donation for now. 🙂

Finding a caregiver is simple. In addition to the Marijuana Caregiver Directory on, there are other web sites that can help provide patients with help finding caregivers in their area. For example, the Arizona Marijuana Caregivers Association [] is like eHarmony™ for caregivers and marijuana patients. Patients can find a caregiver based on their current needs, for example: their location, price willing to donate, preferred strands, etc… The matching service is free for patients.

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