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Medical Marijuana Testing in Arizona

Why is testing Medical Marijuana important in Arizona?

Especially as a new market to Arizona, quality control is always important. Testing Medical Marijuana in Arizona is critical for many reasons.

First, the state of Arizona and the geniuses at the State Health Department lead by Sheriff William Humble have not even addressed the idea of testing Medical Marijuana. For all they care, patients could be getting a heavy dose of oregano or marijuana laced with mites. The state cares more about the profit hosting of marijuana patients and the unnecessary taxes and laws that go with it. As far as the state is concerned, we will have to monitor, test and analyze this “Dangerous drug,” ourselves.

So, that leaves open the possibility of a new market to capitalize on within the Medical Marijuana industry of Arizona and I’m sure some company will take that place. I hope at some point we have a local Lab or third party testing facility that can offer THC and CBD counts along with many other scoped and spectrum measurements. Without this, we wont know what we are taking and the quality will be sub-par. Medical Marijuana Testing in Arizona is critical and needs to be addressed now.

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