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Reading Between the Lines: Arizona Medical Marijuana Act

Another wonderful piece of garbage the Health Department spammed out today. Again, if you haven’t signed up the email alerts, make sure you do. It’s entertaining to read.

Check out the bullet points below William Humble announced today. Am I the only one that is going crazy when I read this? Please comment below. – Dan Kingston,

  • ensuring convenient access for folks with debilitating medical conditions identified in the Initiative;
    ensuring access to the medication in rural Arizona;

Dan’s Response:

– these two conflict. “ensuring convenient access” and then “ensuring access in rural Arizona.”
Basically, if you’re outside of a rural town, your needs were never considered. Sorry small town Arizona, I guess the Health Department doesn’t consider you part of the state.

  • clear expectations regarding criteria for medical marijuana certifications;

Dan’s Response:

– nothing about this is clear. if it was, [the Initiative] wouldn’t have been re-written three times. it would have been done right the first time.

  • a way to ensure physicians write certifications for medical use;

Dan’s Response:

– there already is a way to ensure this. it’s called the Hippocratic Oath. Every doctor takes this oath before practicing medicine. to regulate a doctor is like crapping on his/her oath that he/she swears by. you wouldn’t know anything about upholding a position that is to be sworn in. you were appointed. thanks for nothing.

  • a fair, effective, and orderly way to award dispensary licenses this year and in future years;

Dan’s Response:

– there’s nothing fair about a $5,000 lottery ticket in which your organization will profit from. there’s nothing effective about having a medical director on staff as required by your written law.

  • clear medical, administrative, inventory, and security expectations for dispensary operation;
    reasonable compliance and enforcement provisions;

Dan’s Response:

– but who gives a shit about testing medical marijuana, right? I don’t understand how you can place this much focus on tracking, security, operations, etc. but not care about making sure this “dangerous” drug is tested like any other pharamceutical drug. Just doesn’t add up Bill, but then again, what in the act does?

  • a clear method for adding debilitating medical conditions over time;

Dan’s Response:

– [insert sarcasm here] awesome. I’m glad someone that opposed medical marijuana so openly in the past will continue to add to this house of cards you call an Act.

  • efficient administrative oversight designed to minimize cost; and
    reasonable fees that will cover the costs of implementing the program.

Dan’s Response:

– translation = reduce expenses + increase revenue. profit from the sick.
Standard Operating Procedure for every super-villain known to man. Nice work Dr. Evil.

in closure. nothing is clear. nothing is fair here.
it’s a bunch of smoke screens and magic carpet rides the Health Department wants us to buy.
Well, i’m not buying what they are selling.


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