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Will my Nevada Marijuana Card Work in Arizona?

The short answer is NO, your Nevada Medical Marijuana Card will not be helpful in purchasing, selling or cultivating medical marijuana in Arizona.

WHY NOT!? Well, for starters, Arizona legislation, specifically the Health Department made this very clear in the beginning. The AZDHS did not want to do Medical Marijuana like other states. They were clear in their mission to avoid having any “problems” that have plagued New Mexico,┬áNevada and California┬ámedical marijuana reform. I personally think it’s rediculous but then again, what do I know; I’m not a corrupt government official. You see, medical marijuana is a cash crop for the state of Arizona [regardless of what they say], medical marijuana licenses in Arizona cost $150/ annually per patient so they would not recognize another states license as that would mean less money from prospective patients. Keeping in mind that this is an Arizona law, not a federal law; so, once you cross that beautiful┬áArizona border you have to abide by bullshit┬áArizona laws; not Nevada laws. I know. I know. It sucks huge. It doesn’t make sense. It’s┬á1,000 times more complicated then it has to be but if you really want to get marijuana LEGALLY while in Arizona, just click below and read more about getting a medical marijuana license in Arizona…

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