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The DipStick Vaporizer

Dip Stick Vaporizer
If you love to dab then you’ll love the DipStick, the “world’s first dab pen”!

The DipStick is a very unique instrument for portable concentrate vaping. It is unlike any other vaporizer on the market. Just dip the vaporizer’s tip into the marijuana concentrate, push the heating button, and inhale! It does not require loading marijuana into a bowl or chamber.

The DipStick was built with the most powerful heating elements on the market which allows it to heat instantly. It was designed to satisfy everyone from the average consumer to the experienced connoisseur. Users can conveniently take their dabbing vaporizer anywhere because the DipStick can easily fit into pant pockets.

The DipStick comes in two colors (black or silver) and costs approximately $249.

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