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Earthvape Vaporizer


If you like options you’ll love the new Earthvape.

Earthvape disposable cartridges come pre-filled with premium cannabis oil at a concentration of 250 mg THC or 100 mg CBD. Patients can also choose from indica, sativa and hybrid terpene profiles to more specifically target their medical needs. In addition to an unflavored blend, harvest berry, mango peach and mint are available to suit any taste.

Earthvape cartridges are ideal for treating chronic pain, stress and insomnia conveniently and discretely. Patients who prefer not to experience any psychoactive effects will benefit from the CBD-only option made using premium hemp extract. The cartridges as well as the Earthvape pen/battery are available at various dispensaries across the state at a retail cost of approximately $45.

The future is here…and with it comes Earthvape.

Click here to learn more about the Earthvape.

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