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Vaportech Dabster Kit

Vaportech Dabster Kit

Get the ultimate portable dab pen!

The Vaportech Dabster works with all concentrates — crumble, shatter, wax, etc. — and is simple to use, so it’s ideal for experienced and inexperienced dabbers.

The large and easy-to-load chamber on the Dabster allows users to load large chunks of concentrates, which drastically decreases the reloading frequency. The large chamber also helps to provide large hits, similar to a dab rig, but with the convenience, portability and discreetness of a little black pen.

The battery life easily provides 200 or more average-sized draws per charge. When the battery needs charging, simply attach it to the USB charger and plug it in to a USB port.

With the commonly-used 510 thread battery, the Dabster’s parts can easily be interchanged with most of Vaportech’s other products.

Get yourself a Dabster today! You’re going to love it!

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