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12 Amazing CO Marijuana Industry Stats from 2014

Colorado Marijuana Statistics

The entire world at large has been watching Colorado throughout 2014 because it’s the first place to legalize marijuana for recreational use. Many people predicted positive outcomes while others predicted negative. Now that a full year has passed, it appears that Colorado’s recreational marijuana industry was a gigantic success; state revenues are up thanks to taxes from sales and crime rates are down.

With such amazing statistics, it is safe to assume that many other states – such as California, Arizona, Nevada, and others – will legalize marijuana for recreational use via ballot initiates in 2016. Below are some astonishing facts from Colorado’s marijuana industry in 2014:

1. 130.3 metric tons – Colorado’s annual demand for marijuana, which is equal to 36.8 million “eighths” of marijuana flower.

2. 485,000 – The number of adults who are 21 and older using marijuana on a regular basis (at least once a month), which is about 9 percent of the state’s population.

3. 23 percent – The amount of Colorado’s user population that consumes marijuana near daily.

4. 90 percent – The amount of recreational marijuana sales that out-of-state tourists are responsible for purchasing at shops in mountain resort communities.

5. 7 percent – The amount of Colorado’s annual marijuana demand that was purchased by out-of-state tourists.

6. -9 percent – The price drop on a recreational eighth of marijuana flower at about a dozen major Colorado marijuana shops from January 2014 ($53.88) to December 2014 ($48.95).

7. $246,810,599.03 – The state’s total recreational marijuana sales from January to October 2014 (November and December data not yet available from the Colorado Department of Revenue).

8. $326,716,273.59 – Colorado’s total medical marijuana sales from January to October 2014. (That’s $573,526,872.62 in 10 months for both recreational and medical pot sales in Colorado.)

9. $60.1 million – The amount Colorado has made in via taxes, licenses and fees on recreational and medical marijuana from January to October 2014.

10. 10 milligrams of THC – Colorado’s single-serving size for marijuana edibles, with 100 milligrams maximum allowed in an individually packaged edible being sold for recreational use.

11. 103,918 – The number of medical marijuana patients reporting “severe pain” as their qualifying medical condition for a marijuana card, which makes up 94 percent of the state’s total patients.

12. Zero – The number of reports of THC-infused edibles (candy) given to trick-or-treaters on Halloween, regardless of widespread national concern that legal marijuana would lead to marijuana-infused candies in children’s Halloween gifts.

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