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200,000 New Jobs Estimated for Marijuana Industry

Marijuana Jobs

Each day, legal marijuana companies hire and employ more and more people who want to get into America’s fastest emerging industry. And as more states join the marijuana legalization bandwagon – most recently Alaska, Oregon, and Washington D.C. – more jobs and revenue streams will blossom for those pro-marijuana states.

A recent marijuana industry company estimated that the legal marijuana industry will create around 200,000 new jobs in 2015. The marijuana industry job board,, has seen an increase in job postings over the last year and expect to see a drastic increase in jobs postings in 2015 because of the new states that passed recreational marijuana laws.

Along with the newfound medical benefits of marijuana and the tax dollars generated from sales, it’s use as an employer has become enormous and undeniable.

Many of the marijuana industry jobs will be created in states with legalized recreational marijuana markets (Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and D.C.). Other developing states, such as Arizona, Nevada, Illinois, and Massachusetts, will also be hiring plenty of pro-marijuana employees to help at dispensaries and doctor offices.

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