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3 New Flavored Distillate Vaporizer Pens Have Launched in Arizona

ISH Vape Pen

O.PenVAPE’s new flavored distillate vape pens, known as ISH, have officially launched in Arizona. The ISH vape pens can be found at these Arizona dispensaries.

Distillates are said by many connoisseurs to be smoother than other concentrates like shatters, waxes and resins. So O.PenVAPE decided to distill their solvent-extracted concentrates to purify them.

O.PenVAPE used their signature sleek and slim design to make the ISH vapes stylish and portable. They also added their Ceramaflo technology to provide bigger, tastier hits.

“We had lots of feedback that people wanted a flavored cartridge, as it appeals to a totally different market than say, the Craft Reserve. Plus, the addition of flavoring sets it apart in this category. The consumer is someone who is perhaps not a strain aficionado – someone looking for rich flavor, without a strong marijuana taste,” said a spokesperson for the company. “I didn’t know how much I would love these flavors until I tried them, but once I did, I was really impressed with the work of our R&D team. It’s not your typical cartridge, and is definitely a refreshing take on flavored distillate.”

The ISH vapes come in three tasty flavors: Blue Raspberry (sativa), Watermelon (hybrid) and Bavarian Cream (indica).

Find the ISH vapes at these Arizona dispensaries.


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