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420careers.com – Marijuana Industry Job Board

Marijuana Industry Job Board

High Times magazine has taken note of the growing marijuana industry job market with an article about 420careers.com, an online marijuana industry job board where job seekers can browse and apply for jobs and employers can post available jobs.

420careers.com has announced that due to the massive expanse of the marijuana industry, jobs being offered in the marijuana industry are at an all-time high. With so many new states allowing medical marijuana and many more that will likely do so in the very near future, demand to get into such a “growing” industry just makes sense.

The combination of the recreational marijuana industry with the medical marijuana industry could prove to net over $2 billion in sales in 2014 alone, and that number is only going to get bigger. Reports have shown that as many as 15 states could legalize marijuana to some degree by 2018, which could generate upwards of $10 billion annually.

Job seekers can apply for jobs directly through 420careers.com, while employers can freely post whatever available openings that they may have. The majority of jobs being filled right now are in the dispensary field; whether working behind the counter as a “budtender” or actually getting your hands dirty on the cultivation side of things, 420careers.com is the place to go if working with marijuana is your passion.

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