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50 Most Influential Marijuana Consumers in America

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According to the Marijuana Policy Project’s list of the Top 50 Most Influential Marijuana Consumers, President Obama is the most influential person in the U.S. to have used marijuana – and many more politicians made the list too, along with billionaires, celebrities, and a well-known doctor.

“About one out of every two Americans has used marijuana, including a whole lot of very successful people,” stated Mason Tvert of the Marijuana Policy Project. “There are a lot more out there that we don’t know about because it is illegal. Marijuana is a less harmful substance than alcohol. Adults who use it responsibly should not have to choose between keeping it a secret or admitting to a crime.”

Almost all of the 2016 presidential hopefuls have admitted to trying marijuana at some point in their life.

“In addition to potentially becoming our next president, these marijuana consumers are playing a major role in the national political dialogue,” Tvert noted. “Win or lose, they are guiding the debate and influencing the positions of others both within and outside of their parties.”

Tvert concluded by saying: “We hope this list will make people question some of the anti-marijuana propaganda they’ve been hearing for so long. Millions of adults enjoy consuming marijuana for many of the same reasons that adults enjoy consuming alcohol. The only thing that makes marijuana consumers more likely to become ‘losers’ are the legal penalties they face just for using it.”

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