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8 Reasons Why Marijuana Should Be Legal

Legalize Marijuana US

There’s no hiding that the majority of Americans are now in favor of marijuana legalization. Here are some reasons explaining why it’s time to put an end to marijuana prohibition:

1. Prohibition has failed. In short, the US government has tried and failed to keep marijuana out of the hands of American citizens for over 75 years; however, it is still consumed by over 25 million people annually. Despite being illegal under federal law, marijuana is still the largest cash crop in the US.

2. A regulated marijuana market would reduce use among teenagers. It would also keep them from being exposed to more harmful drugs.  If marijuana was legal, it would be far less valuable. By keeping marijuana illegal, it allows younger people to profit from selling it to their friends.

3. If marijuana were legalized it would reduce our funding of international criminal organizations. Because marijuana is still illegal in the United States, it allows for criminals and drug cartels to profit greatly by selling marijuana on the black market.

4. If marijuana was legal, hemp would become a valuable agricultural crop in the US, with the potential to serve as a bio-fuel replacement. The majority of the world grows hemp agriculturally, while keeping marijuana illegal. The main reason that hemp is illegal in the United States is because there is such an opposition to the legalization movement, but as the US continues to promote the use of alternative fuels to reduce our foreign dependency on oil and carbon emissions, it makes more sense now than ever to consider hemp as a bio-fuel source.

5. Marijuana prohibition initiated from political corruption. The dangers of marijuana have long been exaggerated since the days of “reefer madness,” and modern day science can prove it. Many years ago, scientists were unable to prove how exactly marijuana produced the “high” that it does, but that has long since changed. If alcohol, tobacco and caffeine are acceptable for adults to use in moderation, there is no reason that marijuana shouldn’t be as well.

6. Marijuana is safer than alcohol.  It has been proven that marijuana is in no way toxic to humans. It is virtually impossible to overdose on marijuana, and the potential for addiction is extremely low. So why treat marijuana as a more harmful drug than alcohol, tobacco or caffeine when we know just how dangerous they can be?

7. Marijuana should be taxed in order to support the US economy. The marijuana industry is the fastest growing industry in the US (even though less than half of the states in the US have implemented pro-marijuana regulations). It is creating thousands of new jobs every year and taxes from marijuana sales can support beneficial government programs.

8. Marijuana has many valuable attributes. Marijuana has proved to be a valuable alternative medicine to people all over the world. It provides relief from pain, nausea, and even seizures to individuals who have had little relief with prescription medicines.  A lot of Americans choose to use marijuana as an alternative to alcohol as a way to reduce stress and just relax. Why should we care what informed adults are doing in the privacy of their own homes when it doesn’t affect anyone else?

Marijuana users are passionate about ending prohibition and accomplishing legalization no matter how long it takes. Even with the abundance of arrests made on peaceful marijuana users each year, they still stand up to authority and fight for legalization. This has been going on for over a generation, and it isn’t going to slow down until the government finally hears their cries and does the right thing; which is to legalize marijuana and stop imprisoning innocent people when there are far more pressing matters at hand.

There are many more valid reasons for why marijuana should be legalized in the US. Share your reasons why you think marijuana be legalized in the comments section below.

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