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Chill Pills Is Launching New Products as Top Competitor Closes Down

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Ally Biotech, a science-based company and provider of leading-edge bioactive delivery solutions for cannabinoids, announced that with the exit of a top competitor their Chill Pill line will see new innovative products releasing throughout the fall of 2023, filling the gap in the Arizona soft gel marketplace.

The Arizona-based Chill Pill brand, an expansive line of easy-to-swallow THC soft gels, is available in dozens of dispensaries across the state, and has been a renowned and award winning soft gel brand in Arizona for almost a decade.

The cannabis capsule marketplace is experiencing exponential growth and is expected to continue to grow an estimated 18 percent by 2027, according to Data Bridge Market Research.

“Chill Pill stands out against other edible consumption methods with their precision dosing,” said Francis Baczek, V.P of Business Development at Ally Biotech. “Consumers are looking for smokeless, rapid-onset products that are consistent. The Chill Pill line is a sugar-free formulation, and is a better way to dose for many.”

The Chill Pill soft gels line offers a variety of formulations, including:

Day Caps – a CBG and sativa dominant formula.

Anytime Caps – a hybrid formulation that combines sativa and indica.

Night Caps – a CBN and indica dominant formula.

Anytime Caps + CBD – a 1:1 blend of THC and CBD.

THC-A – Non-intoxicating symptom relief with no psychoactive effects.

Baczek added that due to the continuous growth in demand, plans are in the works to expand the Chill Pill brand’s line of products. Ally Biotech acquired the Chill Pill brand just this past spring. For more information on Ally Biotech, visit For more information about the Chill Pill, visit

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