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Arizona Dispensaries Association Advocates for New Marijuana Bill

Arizona Medical Cannabis Bill

Arizona Dispensaries Association (ADA) encourages the local community to support Senate Bill 1466 (SB1466), the Medical Omnibus Bill, by visiting Save1466.com to reach out to Arizona legislators to encourage them to support the bill.

SB1466 will positively impact Arizona’s Medical Marijuana Program and is currently moving through the legislative process. Support of SB1466 is paramount to the success of a regulated market and is critical to protecting Arizona’s Medical Marijuana program.

Additionally, there will be an amendment to SB1466 which will provide a solution to the sale of unregulated intoxicating cannabinoids. Many of these products are creating confusion for consumers and putting Arizonans at risk. This amendment will require all intoxicating cannabinoids to be regulated the same as marijuana. The goal is to end the open sale of unregulated intoxicants which are unsafe and currently allowable outside of the legal structure that Arizona voters demanded and will prevent children from having readily available access to unsafe, unregulated THC products currently sold at gas stations, smoke shops and convenience stores.

SB1466 will mandate that the Department of Health regulate intoxicating cannabinoids as marijuana and require them to be properly produced, tested, dosed, labeled, and sold in Arizona’s licensed dispensaries. This is in alignment with all responsible cannabis advocacy and businesses whose mission is to promote and advocate for access to safe patient- and consumer-focused cannabis and prevent access to anyone under the age of 21.

Below are the key points for the bill and the amendment:

  • Reduction of medical marijuana card costs to $50, with renewals every 2 years
  • 100% waiver of medical marijuana card costs to veterans
  • Adds Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) into statute
  • Alignment of the regulations of medical marijuana such as advertising, packaging, labeling, and branding to match the regulations of adult use products in Smart and Safe
  • Alignment of the definition of marijuana and marijuana products
  • Codifying the use of telehealth
  • Updating the details of the requirements in the QR Code and track/traceability
  • Regulating intoxicating cannabinoids the same as marijuana

According to Arizona Poison Control, in Jan-April 2023, Arizona’s Poison Control centers handled 77 cases of adverse reactions caused by ingestion of intoxicating cannabinoid products and 60 of those cases involved children or teenagers. 39 cases involved children under the age of six and 45 cases needed emergency medical attention. Of those cases, six children were admitted to intensive or specialty care units.

Visit Save1466.com to reach out to your legislators to encourage them to support SB1466.

“ADA supports SB1466 and is a proponent of the amendment which will remove dangerous intoxicating cannabinoids from the unregulated market,” said Ann Torrez, executive director of the Arizona Dispensaries Association. “We have worked tirelessly to educate consumers on the importance of visiting only licensed dispensaries and consuming only THC and CBD products that have been lab tested and approved.”

To find out more, visit the Arizona Dispensaries Association website.


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