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Arizona Dispensaries Assoc Is Working to Keep Marijuana Away From Kids

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Arizona Dispensaries Association (ADA) and Arizona Poison Centers have created a partnership which includes an awareness campaign about cannabis product safety in the home.

Arizona Poison Centers saw 739 cases of cannabis-related incidents in 2022, over half of which involved children. Of the 394 pediatric cases, 60% involved a hospital visit.

“With more cannabis products available and in the home, there is an increased likelihood of children becoming exposed” stated Maureen Roland, RN, Managing Director at Banner Poison and Drug Information Center. “The Arizona Poison Centers are working with the ADA to improve public knowledge and awareness regarding this emerging concern and educate consumers on how to prevent these incidents from occurring”.

“Much like medications or alcohol, what can be safely used by an adult can be very problematic for children,” said Steve Dudley, PharmD, DABAT, Director of the Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center.  “Thankfully we know that with proper education and safe storage we can dramatically reduce these exposures and hospitalizations.” Dr. Dudley also added “We must do a better job at distinguishing toxicity from regulated products purchased at dispensaries and unregulated products from the black-market including spice and delta-8 THC.”

“The ADA’s primary mission is to promote and advocate for a safe, consumer-focused cannabis industry in Arizona,” said Ann Torrez, Arizona Dispensaries Association executive director. “We aim to continuously educate consumers on the importance of visiting only licensed dispensaries and consuming only THC and CBD products that have been lab tested and approved. We’re working with Arizona Poison Centers to educate Arizonans on steps to take in case of accidental ingestion by children, or what to watch out for in adults who are having an adverse reaction to a product.”

ADA is providing window clings to its member dispensaries across the state that include a QR code guiding consumers to the ADA website with a link to education and information regarding safe and responsible cannabis usage on the ADA website.

The ADA is actively working with the Arizona Department of Health Services and legislators to align statutes and rules to ensure that all marijuana products are not attractive to children and are placed in child-resistant packaging on exit.

All ADA members are Arizona Department of Health-licensed medical marijuana dispensaries and adult use establishments. All employees within these businesses are authorized by AZDHS to work in the industry. Consumers shopping at ADA member dispensaries can feel confident that they are purchasing legal products that are third-party laboratory tested, including testing for pesticides, microbials and cannabinoids.

To find out more, visit the Arizona Dispensaries Association website.

For more resources and information from the Arizona Poison Centers, please visit

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