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Arizona Cannabis Edibles Brand Launches New Premium Gummy


Just close your eyes. Shut off the day. Count sheep. While those suggestions seem straightforward, getting quality sleep is unfortunately not always that simple. In fact, a recent study from the CDC reported that close to 70 million Americans now suffer from chronic sleep deprivation. And while these numbers seemingly continue to rise, so do the number of supplements that promise relief. Pure Edibles, an Arizona cannabis company known for creating full-spectrum candy chews and flavor-forward gummies, has launched Berry Sleepy. True to its namesake, Berry Sleepy is Pure’s first product to be formulated with a 2:1 THC CBN ratio, allowing you to have a deeper sleep state for longer periods of time.

Berry Sleepy, like all of Pure’s top-selling signature gummies, is hand-crafted in small batches with the highest quality ingredients that deliver a dependable, optimal experience for customers. Berry Sleepy is low in sugar and made with pectin, allowing its benefits to kick in faster than other products on the market. The sleep support gummy is also vegan and gluten-free.

“Everyone needs a good night’s sleep, and so many of us are relying on over-the-counter supplements and prescription medications to do so,” Ryan Hermansky, Co-Founder of Pure Edibles. “Those products have their purpose, but we wanted to provide an alternative that focuses on clean ingredients, is consistent and extraordinarily effective. And that’s exactly what Berry Sleepy is.”

Pure was created by brothers Ryan and Brandon Hermansky and their longtime friend Doug Daly after opening their award-winning dispensary, Noble Herb, in Flagstaff, which they still co-own and operate today. It’s there they noticed a distinct gap between high-quality products and accessibility. Determined to disrupt the status quo, Pure was launched in 2015. Since then, they have been steadfast in delivering superior edible products at affordable price points.

“Our experience in co-owning and operating both a dispensary and an edible product line has allowed us the opportunity to really understand what our customers demand in their products,” adds Doug Daly. “Berry Sleepy is a direct response to that. The CBN and THC work synergistically to create a gummy that allows a restful sleep and doesn’t leave you groggy like some over-the-counter supplements. It’s a product you can feel good about using.”

In addition to Berry Sleepy, Pure will continue to expand current offerings and new seasonal flavors in dispensaries across Arizona. The company has recently moved its production from their dispensary, Noble Herb, to a larger production and distribution facility in Phoenix to accommodate and exceed consumer demand.

For more information on Pure Edibles and its signature products, visit

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