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Arizona Senator’s New Bill Attacks Marijuana Industry Publishers

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Arizona Senator David Gowan (R) has discreetly slipped an anti-marijuana bill into the Legislature.

Senate Bill 1156 is a “striker” bill, meaning it was a bill that got approval and then a lawmaker(s) changed most or all of the language to something completely different in order sneak it through the legislative process without the public noticing. In this case, Senator Gowan turned SB1156 from a water protection bill into a bill about regulating marijuana industry publishers.

“SB1156 is attempting to make publishing certain marijuana-related content illegal in Arizona, and completely disregards the fact that the First Amendment in the Constitution of the United States allows publishers the right to freely publish the content they deem worthy,” said “Under SB1156, websites and magazines that list Arizona medical marijuana dispensaries would be deemed guilty of a Class 6 felony for each listing that does not provide the dispensary’s registration certificate number.”

Legally-operating medical marijuana delivery services would also be affected by SB1156.

SB1156 states, “A listing or menu service that does not display a nonprofit medical marijuana dispensary’s registration certificate identification number issued pursuant to section 36-2804 with the nonprofit medical marijuana dispensary’s or medical marijuana delivery service’s product lines is guilty of a Class 6 felony.”

Contact Senator Gowan here and tell him to throw out SB1156.

Also, contact your local representative and tell him/her to throw out Senator Gowan’s bill (SB1156).

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