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Arizona’s #1 Medical Marijuana Seller: Flower (Then Concentrates)

AZ Marijuana Sales

Cannabis industry data by BDS Analytics indicates that medical marijuana sales in Arizona have reached $519.2 million (year-to-date), and the majority of those sales has come from marijuana flower.

BDS’s full report for Arizona’s medical marijuana industry market says:

Sales for Arizona’s medical dispensaries were $61.4 million this past September, a three percent decrease from August. Compared to September 2018, sales increased over 35 percent. Year-to-date through September, sales have reached $519.2 million, an $80.2 million increase from the same period last year.


In September, Flower sales reached $31.4 million, accounting for nearly 51 percent of overall revenues for the month. Flower sales increased by two percent from the trailing month and 47 percent from the year prior. Year-to-date, Flower sales have increased 19 percent, reaching $243.1 million.

Pre-Rolled Joints remain a small category in Arizona’s medical-only market. Sales of Pre-Rolled Joints were $2.1 million in September and $17.3 million in year-to-date through September. Compared to 2018, sales for the month increased 31 percent and year-to-date sales increased eight percent. In the most recent reporting period, the category contributed three percent towards overall revenues.


The Concentrates product category accounted for 33 percent towards overall revenues in September. The $20.2 million in Concentrates sales represented 25 percent growth compared to September 2018. Year-to-date through September, sales of concentrates have increased 18 percent compared to the same period last year, reaching $186.4 million. Vape products are the largest segment within concentrates, compared to the previous September vape sales increased 25 percent but compared to the trailing month revenues from vape decreased 14 percent.

Sales of Ingestibles generated $6.6 million in September 2019 and contributed 11 percent towards total revenues for the month. Compared to September 2018, sales increased 25 percent. Year-to-date, the $60.9 million sold in Ingestibles was 23 percent greater compared to the same period in 2018. The Ingestibles category includes both Edibles and Sublinguals. Edibles sales contributed 87 percent towards Ingestibles revenues in September and sales increased 27 percent compared to September 2018. Sales of Sublinguals in September 2019 have increased 11 percent compared to September 2018.

Michael Robinson Chavez The Washington Post via AP

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