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Colorado Dispensaries Sell $5M of Marijuana in First Week

Colorado Marijuana
Recreational marijuana was legalized in Colorado on January 1, 2014, and as of now, there are 37 dispensaries (listed below) licensed to sell recreational marijuana throughout the state. And within the first week those 37 dispensaries have sold over $5 million in marijuana. There are about 160 more dispensaries seeking licenses to sell recreational marijuana.

Colorado is projecting nearly $600 million in combined marijuana wholesale and retail sales annually. The state also expects to collect nearly $70 million in tax revenue from marijuana sales the first year. The industry’s sales figures will be better estimated on February 20, when dispensaries are required to have their January tax reports filed.

Retail marijuana will have a (startling high) 25% state tax rate and a common state sales tax of 2.9%.

Colorado’s recreational marijuana laws allow anyone 21 years of age or older to purchase marijuana at a state-licensed dispensary (listed below). Adults with a Colorado ID may purchase up to an ounce of marijuana; whereas, out-of-state adults may purchase up to a quarter. Marijuana can only be smoked on private property, such as in a home. Each town will have its own marijuana smoking ordinances.

A motorist can be ticketed for driving impaired if their blood shows more than 5 nanograms of active THC. For instance, some users might fall below that level only three hours after consuming marijuana, but others will still be well above 5 ng.

Marijuana is detectable in the body for up to 3 weeks after consumption. Therefore, upon returning to Arizona after legally consuming marijuana in Colorado or Washington, you can be arrested for a Drug DUI because Arizona (and other states) has a no tolerance law for driving impaired.


Open in Denver

• The Healing House Denver, 2383 S. Downing St.

• The Health Center, 1736 Downing St.

• Kindman, 4125 Elati St.

• LoDo Wellness, 1617 Wazee St.

• Medicine Man Denver, 4750 Nome St.

• Mile High Medical Cannabis, 1705 Federal Blvd.

• The Shelter, 4095 Jackson St.

• 3D Cannabis Center, 4305 Brighton Blvd.

• CitiMed, 1640 E. Evans Ave.

• The Clinic Colorado, 3888 East Mexico

• Dank Colorado, 3835 Elm St.

• Denco, 3460 Park Avenue West

• Denver Kush Club, 2615 Welton St.

• Evergreen Apothecary, 1568 S. Broadway

• The Grove, 74 Federal Blvd.

• The Green Solution, 2601 W. Alameda Ave.

• The Green Solution, 4400 Grape St.

Open elsewhere in Colorado:

• Alternative Medical Supplies, Black Hawk

• Annie’s Tobacco Emporium, Central City

• Bioenergetic Healing Center, Frisco

• BotanaCare LLC, Northglenn

• Breckenridge Cannabis Club

• Bud Med Health Center, Edgewater

• Cloud 9 Caregivers, Garden City

• Green Grass LLC, Central City

• High Country Healing, Silverthorne

• High Country Healing II, Alma

• Alpenglow Botanicals, Breckenridge

• Alpine Wellness, Telluride

• Marisol Therapeutics, Pueblo

• Milagro Wellness Healing, Dumont

• Patients Choice, 2517 Sheridan Blvd, Edgewater

• Serene Wellness, Empire

• Telluride Bud Company, Telluride

• Telluride Green Room, Telluride

• The Kine Mine, Idaho Springs

• The Greener Side, Pueblo



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