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Family Moving to AZ so Son Can Get Medical Marijuana

Marijuana for Children Seizures

A family from Virginia is about to move to Arizona for the sole purpose of obtaining medical marijuana for their 15-month-old son.

Jennifer and Dan Strouth have been giving their son, Levi, five different anti seizure medications daily. They say that not only do these medications provide no relief; it appears that they might actually be worsening Levi’s condition.

The Strouths have heard stories of children with epilepsy finding drastic relief in the form of medical marijuana and are willing to try anything at this point. The type of marijuana that is provided to children with these conditions isn’t one that gets them high or provides any type of narcotic effect, but it does offer immediate relief.

Jennifer Strouth says “There have been children who were in wheelchairs not feeding themselves that are now walking and feeding themselves.” It’s this type of hope that makes leaving behind family, friends, and their jobs in search of a better life for their son truly worth it.

The Strouth family hopes that their story will help inspire others to speak up in favor of the medicinal values of marijuana.

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