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Industry Blazer: Mackenzie Beck from Aerīz


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Mackenzie Beck serves as marketing director at Aerīz, and her dive into the cannabis industry came from, in her words, “humble beginnings.” Mackenzie started in the medical market in 2015 as a budtender, and quickly found her niche in marketing. Over the last eight years, Mackenzie has worked with dispensaries, medical marijuana certification clinics, and brands all over the state, as well as a few other states. Mackenzie has seen the industry fluctuate, grow, and with her experience, she looks to continue on her path of helping Aerīz make smart marketing decisions, strategies, and supplying consumers with high-quality, aeroponic grown cannabis. Mackenzie can be found on Instagram @mackbee123.

1. Favorite strain

My favorite strain right now is Jealousy from Aerīz, which is a sherb cookies cross. This strain is terpene rich with high percentages of Caryophyllene and linalool. I enjoy this strain due to its unique flavor along with the relaxing and anti-inflammatory effects these specific terpenes assist with.

2. Favorite munchie food

Oh man- that’s tough, haha. I’m a sweet and salty girl so I’d have to say a combination of things. I’m a sucker for spicy, so, hot Cheetos, spicy pickles with tajín, followed by dark chocolate covered fruit, stuff like that!

3. Favorite place to smoke

Definitely my home! I prefer to use a bong, so one of my daily activities includes packing it up with fresh flower and lots of kief and getting comfy inside or in the backyard in the sunshine. My house is one of my all time favorite spaces and nothing beats getting nice and toasted in your own home!

4. Favorite cannabis product

I have seen so many products come and go in this market, and one of my favorites are the aerīz hash drop gummies. They aren’t sold in Arizona yet but are in the Illinois market and the full spectrum effects make such a huge difference. I’ve always been an edible girl and when I tried these I was really excited to experience a full body effect with consistent dosing.

5. How long have you been in the industry

I have been in the industry since April of 2015! I started at a privately owned medical dispensary as a budtender and quickly became even more passionate about the plant which led me to create my own patient education program. I worked for a certification clinic after that and started my transition in cannabis marketing which led me to the position I have today with Aerīz and our wheelhouse of brands.

Proven Media

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