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Marijuana Industry Continues to Generate Tons of New Jobs

Marijuana Jobs

The US marijuana industry is creating thousands of new jobs throughout the country. Each pro-marijuana state has seen an influx in jobs created by marijuana dispensaries, doctor offices, delivery services, and at non-marijuana businesses such as smoke shops.

The medical and recreational marijuana industries in Colorado are continuing to add more and more jobs for residents of the Rocky Mountain state. During the 2012 campaign for the legalization of recreational marijuana, advocates stated time and time again that this would create new jobs in a time where work was scarce. The economic downfall in the late 2000’s caused a lot of Americans to lose their jobs, Colorado being no exception, so the creation of thousands of jobs from the marijuana industry was a very welcomed surprise.

The online marijuana industry job board, 420careers.com, stated that “Colorado has seen a small explosion in new jobs created because of the medical and recreational marijuana industries. And other marijuana states – such as California, Washington, and Arizona – are seeing tons of new jobs as well.”

The Marijuana Industry Group estimates there are currently around 10,000 people directly involved with marijuana, with 1,000 to 2,000 joining in the past few months and more expected as high demand for recreational marijuana continues.”

It appears that many more states are intensely following Colorado’s marijuana industries to see if they want to implement pro-marijuana laws which would create new jobs, help citizens’ health ailments, and generate millions in tax revenue.

Find marijuana jobs at 420careers.com.

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