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CO Marijuana Retail Licenses Now Available to the Public

CO Recreational Dispensary Licenses
The recreational marijuana industry in Colorado is poised to get even larger now that more businesses are allowed to apply for a recreational marijuana business license.  This will result in many more recreational marijuana retail shops and growers, as well as more marijuana related jobs throughout Colorado.

Only licensed medical marijuana dispensaries were able to apply for recreational marijuana distribution permits during the first 6 months of legalization.  They were also only allowed to sell marijuana that they grew themselves. But as of this past Tuesday, anyone is permitted to apply for a recreational marijuana business license, regardless of their previous experience in the marijuana industry.

These newly licensed stores will be able to open their doors as early as October, and the law pertaining to growing your own product will change, and dispensaries can then opt to buy their marijuana from independent growers.

Experts are still unsure how these new rules will affect the already booming recreational marijuana industry in Colorado.  Some believe that lower quality shops will start opening up, while others are hopeful that it will just create a larger and more creative structure.

One more concern facing new business owners is that finding a location to set up shop could be difficult considering the strict zoning laws set in place to distance themselves from schools, parks, and already existing dispensaries.

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