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Are Medical Marijuana Suppositories the Next Big Thing in Arizona?

Cannabis Suppository

There are many methods for medical marijuana patients to consume marijuana: vaporizing, smoking, ingesting and sublingually. But suppositories, a vastly unknown and rare method, offer more bioavailability (body is better able to absorb and process the substance) than all the other methods.

What Are Marijuana Suppositories?

A suppository is a medium-sized capsule that is generally about one inch long and made from a mixture of marijuana oil and cocoa butter. The capsule is inserted rectally (and sometimes vaginally). Body heat quickly melts the capsule and releases medicinal compounds through the intestinal wall and directly into the bloodstream.

Why Are They So Efficient?

Science has found that suppositories are more effective than traditional methods of medication administration due to the superior bioavailability. It has been found suppositories have a bioavailability effectiveness rate of up to 70%, whereas inhaling marijuana is estimated to be 25% and ingestion 20%.

Who Are They For?

Initially, marijuana suppositories were found to be a great option for patients who experienced extreme nausea, such as chemotherapy patients, or those who can’t or don’t smoke or swallow pills, such as children or seniors. But recently, suppositories have been found to be a remedy for patients with chronic gastrointestinal issues, such as Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome, leaky gut, colitis, as well as alternative relief from menstrual cramps and other physical pain.

What to Expect

One of the benefits of using marijuana suppositories is the absence of a “head high,” or the traditional psychoactive feeling produced from using marijuana. Instead, a patient will almost immediately feel a warm, relaxing sensation wash over their body, starting from the pelvic region. Pain relief should start almost immediately and can last up to 8 hours without readministration.

Find Marijuana Suppositories

Perhaps the most challenging aspect of marijuana suppositories is finding a medical marijuana dispensary that sells them. Fortunately, some dispensaries throughout Arizona, including The Giving Tree Wellness Center, produce suppositories. The Giving Tree uses marijuana oil that contains zero synthetic pesticides and produced using a pure CO2 extraction process to make their suppositories.

Suppositories oftentimes come packaged individually or in 5- to 10-capsule packs in 20MG or 50MG doses that cost anywhere from $5 to $10 per capsule. Sativa, indica, CBD, and sometimes THC/CBD blends, are available.

Contact your local dispensaries to inquire if they sell marijuana suppositories.


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