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A New Year, a New Swell in 2018


It’s a happy new year at Swell Farmacy, indeed. With the new year comes many changes and additions to Swell, including:

  • Strain-specific pre-rolls are now on sale for just $8 each! (Currently available strains include Flodica, Strawberry Ghost Train Haze, and Green Candy! Have no fear, Swell still has its house-blend pre-rolls for $5 each)
  • Swell now accepts Hypur digital payment option at all stores (Cash is still accepted and there are no-fee ATMs in all store lobbies)

Additionally, follow Swell on Snapchat for exclusive deals! Each store has its own account, and they also have one for general Swell deals and news:

Swell Farmacy (general): swellfarmacy

Swell Farmacy Bell handle: swellonbell

Swell Farmacy Camelback: swellcamelback

Swell Farmacy Central: swellcentral

Swell Farmacy Youngtown: swellyoungtown

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