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Mexico is Considering Legalizing Marijuana

Mexico Marijuana Legalization

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto has been hinting that he might soon be ready to follow the lead taken by some of the states in the U.S. and loosening up on their marijuana laws.

There’s no denying that trafficking in drugs such as marijuana, crystal meth, and cocaine has become a massive source of income for the cartels based out of Mexico who are responsible for literally thousands of deaths in recent years. Marijuana advocates are confident that legalization would take the power out of the cartels’ hands as well as generate tax revenue.

Nieto has admitted that legalizing marijuana is somewhat of a “growing phenomenon” and that the way we have handled the illegalization of marijuana over the last 40 years has only made the issue worse by leading to more production of unregulated drugs which in turn led to more consumption by users.

Pena Nieto went to say that it’s a “failed policy” and that “it needs to be reviewed.” He also stated that “Once California has permitted recreational marijuana, maintaining the ban in Mexico wont’ be sustainable.”

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