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Arizona Gets New Cannabis Infused Adult Beverages


For older adults living with chronic pain, there is an alternative to risking opioid addiction, and it pairs well with dinner, too.

Sweet Dreams Vineyards, which makes and sells specialized cannabis drinks in Arizona, reports seeing an increase in the number of older adults turning to cannabis for pain relief. Their products are available in 18 dispensaries (and counting) throughout Arizona including locations in Flagstaff, Phoenix, Lake Havasu and Tucson.

“Marijuana has been found to aid in pain management, and sleep and has been prescribed by medical professionals as a viable alternative to opioids and pain medications,” says Sweet Dreams Vineyard founder Bill Gibbs. “There are many marijuana-based products out there. What makes our Sweet Dreams Vineyard drinks differently is that they can replace a glass of wine at dinner and be enjoyed with friends and family.”

Sweet Dreams Vineyard drinks are influenced by the flavor of popular wines but use cannabis as the active ingredient instead of alcohol. For example, the Cannabernet replicates the dry fruit, pepper and vanilla notes of Cabernet Sauvignon, while the Marijuarita has the slightly sweet, yet acidic flavors of a classic margarita.

“Older adults are discovering that they can enjoy the relaxing, pain-relieving benefits of marijuana and the taste of alcohol without having to wake up hungover or compromising their lungs,” adds Gibbs. “Sweet Dreams Vineyard cannabis drinks are fast acting, without the hangover of alcohol and only half the calories.”

In today’s world of regulated cannabis, customers of Sweet Dreams Vineyards never need to guess about dosage and reactions. Though all individuals are different, Sweet Dreams Vineyards products promote best-practice information on how consumers are likely to react to the beverages.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 85% of older adults live with at least one chronic health condition. Older adults also are among those most affected by the opioid misuse crisis because they often use prescription opioids to cope with chronic conditions, according to the Administration for Community Living.

Studies also show a remarkable 64% reduction in opioid use amongst chronic pain patients who chose medical marijuana. Researchers found that 69% of study participants experienced some symptom relief when using cannabis for pain.

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