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New AZCentral Story Claims Arizona Dispensaries Advertise to Teens

A new opinion piece published by AZCentral claims that “Big Marijuana targets teens as much as Juul does. Will Arizona also sue them for it?”

Mark Brnovich, Arizona’s Attorney General, sued two e-cigarette companies this year for misleading consumers and targeting teenagers, said Dale Guthrie, author of the opinion piece on AZCentral.

In Guthrie’s opinion, dispensaries are inappropriately promoting medical marijuana to teens. However, there’s a big difference between a person’s opinion and a fact — especially if the opinion arose from Reefer Madness.

Take a look at Big Marijuana’s social media, “where a sexy model pensively places a marijuana vape pen to her mouth,” Guthrie wrote. “A fresh-faced blonde displays a bag of marijuana gummies. A woman who could pass for a high schooler leans against a wall, head tilted, THC vaping pen in hand.”

Brnovich even accused e-cigarette makers of misleading consumers about the amount of nicotine in their vaporizers.

Regarding e-cigarette companies, like Juul, Brnovich said: “If you have companies that manipulated nicotine content, didn’t disclose information, if they intentionally tried to target youths here in Arizona … if you don’t hold companies accountable, then you are not going to deter other companies from doing so in the future.”

Guthrie’s opinion piece could be seen as very one-sided being that it doesn’t even mention any controversial advertising methods by the alcohol, fast food or pharmaceutical industries.

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