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Rep. Kavanagh Still Fighting Against Arizona Medical Marijuana

Although Arizona citizens voted and passed the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act in 2010, some state officials are still wasting taxpayers’ time and money on personal vendettas by opposing the voter-approved medical marijuana law. A bill proposed earlier this month by Republican Rep. John Kavanagh could be challenging the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act in the November 2014 ballet.

The bill filed by Rep. Kavanagh seeks to revoke the entire Arizona Medical Marijuana Act because Rep. Kavanagh’s personal discrimination of marijuana leads him to believe that Arizonans were misled in regards to the impact of legalizing marijuana for medical purposes.

Although there are hundreds-of-thousands of medical marijuana patients around the country that know medical marijuana helps with their medical condition(s), Rep. Kavanagh claims that the majority of Arizona medical marijuana cardholders have received their card for chronic pain. And Rep. Kavanagh says that chronic pain is “subjective, ill-defined and easily faked.” Apparently Rep. Kavanagh doesn’t truly comprehend the words: sympathetic, unbiased, or logical. Nor does he seem to understand that he is supposed to be working for the people of Arizona, and not fighting against them.

It is obvious that Rep. Kavanagh has no empathy for people with chronic pain–those people also happen to be the people who pay his salary and elected him into office–and now he defies medical marijuana chronic pain patients by openly calling them frauds. Chronic pain suffers–whether it be the elderly, veterans, or anyone with a disability–that seek natural pain relief via medical marijuana are liars and law-abusing scammers in the eyes of Rep. Kavanagh.


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